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All The World’s People Are Extraordinary In The Right Light”

An-Surz Global LLC is the premier company in the United States Based in Missouri to address and answer the ever-growing question of how to provide enough Utility Power in the World for an ever increasing World population by examining the problem from the outside looking in rather than ask, How do we meet the increasing Utility Power Supply demand with a shrinking Utility Power Supply?” An-Surz Global preferred to ask, “How do we decrease the current Utility Power Supply demand thereby increasing the existing Utility Power Supply?” Thus, an Alternative Solution for an Alternative World Market was born. With this emergence, An-Surz Global illumination upon the World market will increase the existing Electrical Power Supply and simultaneously reduce the current Utility Power Demand with landmark efficiency. An-Surz Global offers a universal Hybrid Solar-Based Fiber Optic Light installations for Government, Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Buildings, enabling them to come off Utility Power by as much as 80% depending on the structure installed in. Unlike other existing Solar Energy solutions, this breakthrough Hybrid Solar Lighting Technology is not hindered by overcast conditions, building size or footprint, geographical location or relative position to the sun or from any location in the world, An-Surz Global products will track the sun along its entire path in the sky from rise to fall to collect, transport, and distribute natural sunlight, or residual overcast light in place of conventional interior lighting. Furthermore, this Patented Technology will perform without the need for an additional Utility Power source to power the Hybrid Tracking Unit – it is entirely self sustainable. This completely eco-safe and renewable system grants the end user a brighter, cleaner indoor living environment that is equally healthy to both well-being and economic soundness of the end user. This Patented Technology can save the end user hundreds, thousands, if not millions annually depending on the structure the technology is installed in. This can amount to disposable income for the residential home owner to product savings for the retailer selling to the end customer relating to market stimulation which this country needs.

To supplement our technological revolution, An-Surz Global makes an additional advance with our full-service installations by integrating LED (Light Emitting Diodes) direct replacement bulbs in place of any type of existing Incandescent and Fluorescent lighting using only 30% or less current Utility Power of your current lighting. Our commitment for these specially designed replacements meet our criteria and specifications ensures a completely interchangeable solution to maximize efficiency and furthered reduction in Utility Power draw after sunset and during unusually “low light” days.

 As a further offer from An-Surz Global at the time the Hybrid Solar Lighting system is installed we can offer the client complete replacement of all of the Florescent lights in the Florescent fixtures and Incandescent fixtures with lighting replacements equal to or greater light output than what is currently installed and still only using less than 30% of the current electrical utility power to create the same lighting effect. This can be done with LED light replacement bulbs that can be directly plugged into the current fixtures without any costly fixture replacement to the client while still reducing the overall cost of lighting to the customer. This particular LED Technology is reliable and can last up to 10 times longer than conventional lighting yet reducing the utility electrical draw needed to create the same lighting or greater lighting by as much as 75% in most cases depending on the application. This can equate to a great overall cost savings to any one customer choosing to install both the Hybrid Optical Lighting and the LED Lighting Replacements.

The An-Surz Direct Replacement LED bulb platform transcends beyond the realm of indoor lighting, offering and installing complete replacement packages for vehicles of any size, type, make, and model. Professionally removing the various Incandescent bulbs in vehicles and replacing with LED light clusters can improve fuel efficiency by a median range of 2-5 MPG (depending on the number of bulbs and type replaced), significantly increase battery life, and reduce overall strain on charging systems and wear of engine parts. The end result is an environmentally and economically sound conversion with limitless potential for a broad spectrum of any motor vehicle

No market competitors has a Model near what An-Surz Global is doing or has the cost effectiveness An-Surz Global Hybrid Fiber Optics Unit has. In the scope of An-Surz Global ability to insure buildings and residences can become 80 to 85% off-Utility Power it is necessary to replace all current florescent and incandescent bulbs existing in the building or structure to insure these numbers are met. Without doing this the off-Utility Power Supplier number drops to 50 to 60% during the course of a year’s time in a high sunlight area.

An-Surz Global products are manufactured by a large industry supplier and shipped to the An-Surz Global facility for partial assembly. With this procurement/manufacturing method, An-Surz Global is able to minimize large capital expenditures for manufacturing while being able to offer high quality products.

An-Surz Global provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their products against manufacturer's defects. Limited Lifetime Warranty is not the industry standard but An-Surz Global feels with their product the quality speaks for itself. Additionally, An-Surz Global will require all of their installers to be licensed and bonded to further garner client confidence during installations. This requirement ensures that An-Surz Global products are installed properly and minimizes the risk of decreasing brand equity due to faulty installation.



     If you have any questions or comments please send them to web_master@an-surzglobal.com and we will respond to you at our first availability.

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