An-Surz Global has three competitive edges to gain market penetration. The first is the ability to serve both the Government and the Commercial building market. There is currently nothing on the market remotely similar that will provide the amount of off-Utility Power savings from renewable solar energy that An-Surz Global can provide to date. In both the Government and Commercial building markets An-Surz Global can provide substantial savings monthly to any of the building owners or people who lease paying a Power Utility bill monthly.

The second and most important market is the Residential Homeowner who in the last two years has been hit the hardest with escalating utility bills needing the Government’s help and other Charities to assist in paying those bills. With An-Surz Global product this can become a problem of the past for the majority of the homeowners in most major cities.

The third strategy is double edge in nature in that it is suggested when An-Surz Global installs the Hybrid Solar Lighting System in the Government or Commercial building that they also replace all of the currently existing florescent and incandescent light bulbs to further reduce the Utility Power draw of the structure increasing the total off-line potential to 80% savings to the customer hundreds, thousands, potentially millions monthly depending on the size of the structure the system is installed in.

The second edge mentioned for An-Surz Global to offer LED Replacement bulbs for most vehicles currently marketed or still on the road increasing fuel economy anywhere from 2 to 5mpg depending on the total number of bulbs replaced in the vehicle. In all cases mentioned above there has been no aggressive marketing taking place to affect the offset of what is greatly needed by the consumer in reduction of monthly electrical billing through effective reduction of Utility Power draw.

There has also not been any aggressive marketing of the LED bulbs for replacement in vehicles knowing it will increase the fuel economy of most any vehicle these bulbs are installed in. Marketing will be focused on education about the environmental and economic benefits of installing solar lighting systems into large buildings, residential structures, and small business. The consumer will also be educated about what the installation will be in the reduction of the Carbon Footprint that is so widely talked about and never explained.

An-Surz Global has two competitive edges that will distinguish them from the competition. First, An-Surz Global serves both the Government market and the Commercial market. This is a competitive edge because An-Surz Global can reconfigure one product for both market segments, immediately increasing the number of potential customers at minimal costs to An-Surz Global. The  equipment is the same with minor changes to packaging and installation. The second competitive edge, related to the first is the benchmark level of product quality for the customers. By serving the two markets and meeting the need of a high quality product for this  professional market segment, An-Surz Global is able to then offer the same high quality product to the both segments. Currently, An-Surz Global competitors only offer models whose quality approach An-Surz Global quality requirement prior to installation.

An-Surz Global markets and develops patented high quality products in the field of natural lighting. Our customers require high quality and healthy indoor environments in an energy efficient way.

The company was founded in 2010 and the first version of An-Surz Global patented technology was commercialized in 2009. It was developed through extensive R&D. The product was conceived from a desire to improve the possibility of bringing sunlight into residential homes, commercial and government buildings and improve the indoor environment. An-Surz Global also wanted to help the construction industry to use materials effectively in the construction of large buildings, without compromising the level of sunlight entering the building.

 An-Surz Global brings us back to nature and creates indoor environments in which we thrive and brings back the sense of nature to the human aspect.

If you have any questions or comments please send them to web_master@an-surzglobal.com and we will respond to you at our first availability.

Mission Statement

“All The World’s People Are Extraordinary In The Right Light”
To become the leading supplier of alternative lighting sources for Government, Commercial, and Residential Buildings reducing substantial Utility Power draw.
To be the top quality supplier and most innovative company in the business.

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