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David Marks Celebrity Body Guard

David R. Marks International

David R. Marks International, established in 1974 by Mr. David Marks in order to provide personal protection & private investigation services to celebrities, VIP's, high level executives, events, functions, diplomats, corporations, and families. Building on a hardened foundation as a United States Marine Corps Veteran, the successful provision of highly specialized personal protection for corporations and organizations designed to eliminate security and liability risks on a domestic and international scale continues to be the cornerstone of David R. Marks International. Furnishing personal protection for clients and their families, thereby preserving a safe and secure environment so they can pursue their activities in a free and unencumbered manner.
Our protection specialists possess the expertise to meet all challenges while demonstrating a unique ability to assess individual situations in order to implement appropriate security measures in a professional and tactful manner. Conducting risk and vulnerability analysis to protect wealth (i.e., fixed and mobile property, assets and possessions). 

 Email: drm-pi@msn.com


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