Hybrid Tracker

The An-Surz Global system is designed as a universal system for  Commercial, Manufacturing, and the Residential Homeowner. The An-Surz Global system consists of a automated solar tracking unit which will track the position of the sun accurately within 1 degree of its horizontal and vertical position in the sky at all times insuring maximum sunlight is always obtained by the  Collector Dishes. The light collected from the Collector Dishes is focused to the Fiber Optics Cable mounted in the Collector Dishes. The Fiber Optic cable can be made from either a flexible plastic resin or glass type material with a bonded sheath protecting it from the weather during its life of use in the system. The Fiber Optic cable can be routed to any number of locations having a multiple core value as high as 75 to 120 individual strands to carry light to separate locations.  Once the cable has been run to its location in the prescribed structure whether it is a commercial building or a residential home it will be terminated with a light diffuser causing the light from the Optic cable to spread out from the diffuser at a 45 degree angle on a 360 degree radius flooding a prescribed area with natural light collected. This system is installed as a weather proof system ensuring long life and few breakdowns, if any, during the life of the product. The Hybrid Lighting System will have no requirement to be connected to Utility Power to function. Each Hybrid Solar Tracking Unit will have its own Solar Cell, which will drive the tracking unit making attachment to Utility Power unnecessary.

Usually  solar collectors or solar panels are located on the roof of the building or the house, however, in our case this is not necessary as long as we can get solar tracking on the sun from a fixed mounting point. To get the full benefit of a solar tracker there must be an area available that has sufficient exposure to the sun. The facing angle may be in any direction within 30 degrees pointing due South. Several valves are  used as safeguards within the system. One of the greatest fail-safe points of this system is that if there is not enough light to drive the system it will “Home” itself to the start position until it sees enough light to track and function properly. If at any time any of the subsystems fail on the Solar Tracker the unit will automatically go to “Home” Position, which is an indication there is something wrong when other units are tracking. With these units being independently powered it is not necessary to be concerned about Utility Power failures insuring these units will continue to do their job flawlessly.

An-Surz Global products are manufactured by a large industry supplier and shipped to the An-Surz Global facility for partial assembly. With this procurement/manufacturing method, An-Surz Global is able to minimize large capital expenditures for manufacturing while being able to offer high quality products.

An-Surz Global provides a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their products against manufacturer's defects.  Limited Lifetime Warranty is not the industry standard but An-Surz Global feels with their product the quality speaks for itself. Additionally, An-Surz Global will require all of their installers to be licensed and bonded to further garner client confidence during installations. This requirement ensures that An-Surz Global products are  installed properly and minimizes the risk of decreasing brand equity due to  faulty installation.



     If you have any questions or comments please send them to web_master@an-surzglobal.com and we will respond to you at our first availability.


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