With An-Surz Global Patent and what we can do with Hybrid Solar Lighting we can reduce your electrical bill down to 20 to 40% of what it currently is year round. My system is COMPLETELY passive and does not require any Utility Power, This means you do not have to plug it into a wall outlet to make it work. It is a stand alone system and will work for 10yrs without being touched and produce light for your home or commercial operation fail free regardless if there is any Utility Power or not.

What An-Surs Global has chosen to do with this Patent is leave a residual of Utility Power rather than to attempt to put Utility Power back into the Utility Power System for others to use. This seemed to make more sense. If you remove the weight from a bridge that is breaking down then it will last longer, if you add more weight to it then it will break sooner. If we start by taking residences and commercial buildings off of the Utility Power System leaving the Utility Power they would normally use there is much less wear and tear on the system. Now multiply that idea in terms of millions and think of what you get. To point it leaves a great deal of electricity on the Electrical Power System being unused by Residential people and Commercial people who would have normally used it and because of An-Surz Global Patent now do not have to use anywhere near as much electricity to light their facility or their home reducing their electricity bill as much as 40 to 80% monthly. There is currently nobody on the market who can deliver this kind of efficiency to any kind of structure regardless of size or shape.

Natural Hybrid Solar Lighting improves sales. A study commissioned by the California Energy Commission found that sales improved by as much as 40% in optimal daylight environments. Customers simply feel better in natural daylight. If your sales depend on customers evaluating color quality, natural daylight can help improve the customer experience with vastly improved color rendering. An-Surz Global can help you visibly enhance and demonstrate your sustainable image.

Accent your natural, green, sustainable image by reducing your energy costs and carbon emissions!

For Your Customers

Customers feel better and buy more in natural light

Improve your customers experience

True color quality and appearance

 For Your Design Professionals

Simplify your lighting selection process

Eliminate sustainable lighting design challenges

No sacrifice on lighting quality

Research and Testimonials

Multiple studies show that Hybrid Solar Lighting stores having higher sales than their counterparts. The study below confirmed earlier findings showing stores with optimal Hybrid Solar Lighting can achieve 40% higher sales when compared to non-Hybrid Solar Lighting stores.



If you have any questions or comments please send them to web_master@an-surzglobal.com and we will respond to you at our first availability.

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