Light For Schools

In the classroom, Hybrid Solar Lighting improves speed of learning and directly impacts student performance. A study commissioned by the California Energy Commission found that students showed a 21% improvement in learning rates compared to students in classrooms with the least daylight. The An-Surz Global System is the only predominantly direct Hybrid Solar Lighting solution that brings 100% unaltered high quality natural light and eliminates problems windows and skylights have with direct beam, hot spots, glare, and extensive roof penetration.

Hybrid Solar Lighting Improves the Quality of Peoples Lives

Teachers, Students and Staff

  • Proven to Increases the speed of learning
  • Proven to Directly impact student performance
  • Proven to Directly Improve student behavior
  • Recruit the best teachers who seek the best environments
  • Highest quality light = highest quality learning environment

Easy to Specify

  • Simplify the lighting selection process for new and retro-fit construction
  • Eliminate challenges of sustainable lighting design

Save Energy and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • No need for electric lights with blue skies or even overcast skies
  • Reduce your energy costs radically during business hours

Independent Research
The Heschong Mahone Group analyzed test scores of over 21,000 students in multiple school districts. The study showed that students with the most
Hybrid Solar Lighting in their classrooms progressed 20% faster on math tests and 26% faster on reading tests when compared to students in the least Hybrid Solar Lighting classrooms. Heschong Mahone Group, "Hybrid Solar Lighting in Schools" Report at www.h-w-g.com, 1999.

 In a North Carolina Performance Report, students attending Hybrid Solar Lighting schools outperformed the students in non-Hybrid Solar Lighting schools by 5%-14%. National Renewable Energy Laboratory Report, " Hybrid Solar Lighting in Schools: Improving Student Performance and Health at a Price Schools can Afford, " 2000.

A National Renewable Energy Laboratory Report concluded that students benefit from Hybrid Solar Lighting, both in terms of increased performance and general health and well being. National Renewable Energy Laboratory Report, "Hybrid Solar Lighting in Schools: Improving Student Performance and Health at a Price Schools can Afford, " 2000.


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