An-Surz Global further offers complete replacement of all incandescent bulbs in automotive vehicles with LED replacements. The LED replacements will not need any adaptors or special requirements to make them work in any particular vehicle installed in. When the LED replacement is installed in a vehicle it will be a direct replacement type made of LED technology rather than the conventional incandescent technology. By doing this it will take an unnecessary load from the battery from the vehicle in turn taking the seem unnecessary load from the engine of the vehicle having to charge the battery by way of the alternator drawing on the power from the motor to perform this task. By removing some of this load from the motor having to charge the battery it will produce an increase in MPG (Miles Per Gallon) per vehicle the LED replacements are installed in. It is not know how much of an increase it will create but can be estimated in the range of 2 to 4 MPG depending on the overall number of lights needing to be replaced and the overall draw of power the original incandescent lights made on the battery at the time. It is unquestioned, if you unload the power drawn from the battery of a vehicle the byproduct will be increased gas mileage regardless of how minor or major that reduction is.

The An-Surz Direct Replacement LED bulb platform transcends beyond the realm of indoor lighting, offering and installing complete replacement packages for vehicles of any size, type, make, and model. Professionally removing the various Incandescent in vehicles and replacing with LED light clusters can improve fuel efficiency by a median range of 2-5 MPG (depending on the number of bulbs and type replaced), significantly increase battery life, and reduce overall strain on charging systems and wear of engine parts. The end result is an environmentally and economically sound conversion with limitless potential for a broad spectrum of any motor vehicle


If you have any questions or comments please send them to web_master@an-surzglobal.com and we will respond to you at our first availability.

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