Why Renewables

The Government Clean Energy Initiative aims to transform the US into a world model for energy independence and sustainability. Our goal is to meet 70% of the USís energy needs with clean energy by 2030.

The US is rich in renewable energy sources that have the potential to free us from our dependence on imported oil, which today supplies 90% of our energy. We are the most oil-dependent Country in the nations Ēfour times more dependent than any other Country. And our demand for energy is increasing rapidly.

Importing oil to meet this demand is not sustainable. We must transform the way we meet our energy needs by converting to the clean, renewable sources our Country provides in abundance.

The sun's heat and light provide an abundant source of energy in this Country, and that energy can be harnessed in many ways. A variety of technologies have been developed to take advantage of solar energy. Those most applicable in this Country include Photovoltaic systems Solar hot water Concentrating solar power systems Passive solar design and daylighting

(Hybrid Solar Lighting).

Solar power can be used in large-scale applications as well as in smaller systems for the home. Businesses and industry can diversify their energy sources, improve efficiency, and save money by using solar technologies for industrial processes, electricity, and water heating. Homeowners can also use solar technologies for daylighting (Hybrid Solar Lighting) and water heating, and may even be able to produce enough electricity to operate "off grid" or to sell the extra electricity to the utilities, depending on local programs. The use of passive solar and daylighting (Hybrid Solar Lighting) design strategies can help homes and commercial buildings operate more efficiently and make them more pleasant and comfortable places in which to live and work.

Beyond these localized uses of solar power, utilities and power plants are increasingly taking advantage of the sun's abundant energy resource and extending the benefits to their customers. Concentrating solar power systems allow power plants to produce electricity from the sun on a larger scale, which in turn allows consumers to take advantage of solar power without investing in personal solar technology systems.



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